Brainstorm of Businesses Needed

Quick Brainstorm of Businesses Needed:

  1. Healthcare marketplace connecting longevity service providers with patients
  2. Private security services: There needs to be a private alternative to 911 in major cities that sends private armed security to your home or business in the event of a security threat (eg. trespassing, violence, theft). It seems like public sources are not always reliable (eg. Time is wasting giving the location and sometimes local 911 operators are not available). A simple voice command from any app automatically sends your location and profile.
  3. Private health services: Similar to the above, there needs to be a private health emergency response unit that provides emergency health services on demand.
  4. Food services delivery company where you can watch your food being made and delivered on-demand through a video streaming app to ensure the entire process is handled with care. The food preparation team and delivery drivers (eventually drones) will wear body cams.
  5. AI tools that detect crime in public and private environments
  6. On demand dating service that interviews singles in a geographic area or theme (eg. College students) and sets up guaranteed dates

If you’d like to help me build any of the above, please reach out to me.

Philanthropic Ideas Needed:

  1. Website that uses secret video footage to expose waste, fraud, corruption and scams (eg. Scammers targetting tourists in foreign countries) and abuse and posting the videos online
  2. Service that protects victims of crime

The philanthropic ideas may not be great businesses and may be more suitable for crowdfunding or a community of individuals that makes advertising revenue.


Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools

Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools
1) To build a long term motivated team, incentives must be aligned:
2) How to write contracts and key items to include
3) How to do due diligence/check references and decide if it’s worth doing business with someone
4) How to manage financial risk and what position sizing means
5) How to evaluate and rank top opportunities
6) Why, for high growth entrepreneurs, it’s nearly always better to rent than buy
7) Why it’s important to get critical items agreed upon in advance before starting on anything.
I might add to this list later or expand on it, but for now I’ll keep it as is.
Biotechnology/Medical Blog

Better Healthcare Marketplace is Needed

Better healthcare marketplaces are needed.

Challenge Solution
Needs to incorporate human longevity approaches Provide a clinic that provides options to a decentralized network of human longevity providers
Currently, it’s a blackbox in terms of selecting best practices, transparency of data, and accountability over decisions made Rank top practices, subject to peer review. Share data in the cloud. Provide feedback/biomarkers throughout the process.
Cost Create a competitive network. Competition is mostly based on a select geographic region
Reduce Risk/errors Standardize and automate procedures. Share data on the cloud
Difference of Opinions between experts Apply second opinions and peer reviewed research.
Needs Remote Options Provide accessibility via web/mobile/IOT
Insurance providers have misaligned incentives and claims process is not smooth. Provide alternative payment plans/better options.
Business Investing

#1 Problem with External Investments: Liquidity

1 Problem with External Investments: Liquidity

My top issue with angel investing platforms is that virtually every company raising capital doesn’t provide a specific way in which your investment will be paid in the event the company doesn’t sell itself. Many investors don’t like to talk about this but I think it’s important for prospective investors to acknowledge this significant risk.

The company can easily decide to never issue dividends and just keep floating around, even if they do millions in monthly sales.

If you invest in a private company and there are not clear terms regarding how liquidity is repaid in cash, you’re taking excessive risk. It’s important to create some sort of condition for repayment in a reasonable time period.

The goal is to create a mutually beneficial deal that both supports the entrepreneur’s goals while not exposing the investor to excessive risk.


Politics, a Charitable Endeavor for Successful Individuals

I’m a fan of the answer below.
Johnson: “What was your greatest reservation saying yes?” Rex Tillerson: “Senator when I went through all of the analysis, all of the reasons for saying no, which was your question were all selfish reasons so I had no reason to say no” – Rex Tillerson:
Also, I’m a fan of Rex Tillerson’s skills in diplomacy and building a friendship with potential partners.