Traits of Highly Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

The following traits of some highly successful young entrepreneurs I know: They like to test new platforms and hack around They like to be early adopters They like to build things They often have good communication skills They are often persusasive They are willing to take calculated, high probability risks They do big picture thinking They are… Read More »

Why are Priorities Not Followed?

It appears that many people are unwilling to drop out, “cancel plans” or make sacrifices in order to focus on solving major problems. It appears like inertia. I think it’s useful to make change a habit to progress/move forward. Get in the habit of change. by

What Do Investors Want to Know?

The following are some things that would be useful to outline in a presentation to a prospective investor: Strategy Explain the problem and how it will be solved Expert opinion, peer review, explaining the validity of your business Proof/demonstrations Explain the timing to have your minimum viable product/service available What are the company’s top paths… Read More »

Potential CRISPR Healthspan applications

Potential CRISPR Healthspan applications: TFAM (Transcription Factor A, Mitochondrial) – gene engineering allows cells to manufacture a nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) precursor on their own Allows “overall rejuvenation, including reversal of signs of muscle atrophy, inflammation, and insulin resistance” GDF11 (growth differentiation factor 11) – GDF11 has been reported to rejuvenate the heart, muscles, and brain: “GDF11 has been reported… Read More »

4 Pathways to Reverse Damage/Aging

Use Telomerase activators: “Drugs that turn on our own telomerase (using the HTERT gene) and thereby reset gene expression.” Use Telomerase Protein “Use messenger RNA for telomerase (accomplished by Helen Blau’s group at Stanford)” “Deliver telomerase gene itself (either via liposomes or viral vectors) to the body’s cells” Several groups are doing this include Telocyte.  Telocyte… Read More »