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#1 Problem with External Investments: Liquidity

1 Problem with External Investments: Liquidity My top issue with angel investing platforms is that virtually every company raising capital doesn’t provide a specific way in which your investment will be paid in the event the company doesn’t sell itself. Many investors don’t like to talk about this but I think it’s important for prospective… Read More »

What Do Investors Want to Know?

The following are some things that would be useful to outline in a presentation to a prospective investor: Strategy Explain the problem and how it will be solved Expert opinion, peer review, explaining the validity of your business Proof/demonstrations Explain the timing to have your minimum viable product/service available What are the company’s top paths… Read More »

What do investors want?

What do investors want? Clarity regarding how funds are used: In some cases an entrepreneur has too many projects/ideas (which can be both good and bad) but the company needs to initially be a lot more laser focused. It’s good because it shows the entrepreneur may be willing to “pivot” or adapt to the best potential… Read More »

Why Investors Decline Deals

Beyond financial reasons, the following are some reasons why a deal may not be funded: Entrepreneur makes bad assumptions Entrepreneur avoids conflict too much; they’re unwilling to make difficult decisions and having difficult discussions when needed Entrepreneur is a bad listener Entrepreneur is slow and takes a while to implement Scattered entrepreneur who is working on too many… Read More »

Useful Snapchats for Business

The following is by no means a comprehensive list but are just a handful of particularly interesting Snapchats I follow from successful entrepreneurs where I think they’ve posted particularly useful content (in no particular order): tailopez1: Tai Lopez – business and life msuster: Mark Suster – VC  good for deal-making justinkan: Founder of Twitch/Justin.TV & YC cominator partner… Read More »