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    How to Get a Successful Mentor 

    To get a successful mentor, there are two important components:

    1. Sources
    2. Persuading mentors to mentor you (finding a mutually beneficial proposition)

    Mentor Sources:

    1. Directly contacting the person you want to mentor you (LinkedIn, Email Introductions twitter etc). I’ve caught the attention some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs on Twitter (Donald Trump), LinkedIn, forums (Some business partners), Facebook, and even through a proprietary messaging app (Mark Cuban) they invested in.
    2. Getting a referral from a mutual acquaintance
    3. Alumni networks (I found this surprisingly useful because you can send a direct email to person)
    4. Emailing team members at their company and asking for a direct introduction

    Persuading Someone to Become Your Mentor:

    1. Ask their criteria (sometimes you can pay them, but, in the case of billionaires, their time is so valuable that you can’t afford to pay them)
    2. Offer them equity in a potentially high growth company
    3. Have strong references (Personally, I require the mentee to create a list of successful, credible references)
    4. Offer to assist them in other ways (eg. Help them find connections or service providers)

    Further, it may make sense to read books written by your favorite mentor rather learn directly from them.

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  • Leon Apel 1:41 pm on May 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Pessimism vs Skepticism 

    Being skeptical is important to manage risk but pessimism is a choice which may affect your future prospects.  Pessimism is a state of mind, a negative lens, which may lead to exaggerated risk-reduction.
    How do you bridge the gap between skepticism and an informed decision?  Checking references, verifying statements and conducting experiments.
    Some people have become pessimists, which leads to limited risk-taking because they are paralyzed by FEAR (false expectations appearing real).
    Humans aren’t the best at assessing risk vs. reward and making an optimal decision. Perhaps AI will help humans more intelligently take calculated risks.
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  • Leon Apel 8:03 pm on January 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools 

    Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools
    1) To build a long term motivated team, incentives must be aligned: https://youtu.be/j1L3sR8g13s?t=148
    2) How to write contracts and key items to include
    3) How to do due diligence/check references and decide if it’s worth doing business with someone
    4) How to manage financial risk and what position sizing means
    5) How to evaluate and rank top opportunities
    6) Why, for high growth entrepreneurs, it’s nearly always better to rent than buy
    7) Why it’s important to get critical items agreed upon in advance before starting on anything.
    I might add to this list later or expand on it, but for now I’ll keep it as is.
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  • Leon Apel 8:27 pm on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Better Healthcare Marketplace is Needed 

    Better healthcare marketplaces are needed.

    Challenge Solution
    Needs to incorporate human longevity approaches Provide a clinic that provides options to a decentralized network of human longevity providers
    Currently, it’s a blackbox in terms of selecting best practices, transparency of data, and accountability over decisions made Rank top practices, subject to peer review. Share data in the cloud. Provide feedback/biomarkers throughout the process.
    Cost Create a competitive network. Competition is mostly based on a select geographic region
    Reduce Risk/errors Standardize and automate procedures. Share data on the cloud
    Difference of Opinions between experts Apply second opinions and peer reviewed research.
    Needs Remote Options Provide accessibility via web/mobile/IOT
    Insurance providers have misaligned incentives and claims process is not smooth. Provide alternative payment plans/better options.
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  • Leon Apel 11:12 pm on January 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Politics, a Charitable Endeavor for Successful Individuals 

    I’m a fan of the answer below.
    Johnson: “What was your greatest reservation saying yes?” Rex Tillerson: “Senator when I went through all of the analysis, all of the reasons for saying no, which was your question were all selfish reasons so I had no reason to say no” – Rex Tillerson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaM2QKpwY7I
    Also, I’m a fan of Rex Tillerson’s skills in diplomacy and building a friendship with potential partners.
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