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Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools

Important Lessons Not Taught in Most Schools 1) To build a long term motivated team, incentives must be aligned: 2) How to write contracts and key items to include 3) How to do due diligence/check references and decide if it’s worth doing business with someone 4) How to manage financial risk and what position… Read More »

Better Healthcare Marketplace is Needed

Better healthcare marketplaces are needed. Challenge Solution Needs to incorporate human longevity approaches Provide a clinic that provides options to a decentralized network of human longevity providers Currently, it’s a blackbox in terms of selecting best practices, transparency of data, and accountability over decisions made Rank top practices, subject to peer review. Share data in… Read More »

Politics, a Charitable Endeavor for Successful Individuals

I’m a fan of the answer below. Johnson: “What was your greatest reservation saying yes?” Rex Tillerson: “Senator when I went through all of the analysis, all of the reasons for saying no, which was your question were all selfish reasons so I had no reason to say no” – Rex Tillerson: Also, I’m a… Read More »

Traits of Highly Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

The following traits of some highly successful young entrepreneurs I know: They like to test new platforms and hack around They like to be early adopters They like to build things They often have good communication skills They are often persusasive They are willing to take calculated, high probability risks They do big picture thinking They are… Read More »

Why are Priorities Not Followed?

It appears that many people are unwilling to drop out, “cancel plans” or make sacrifices in order to focus on solving major problems. It appears like inertia. I think it’s useful to make change a habit to progress/move forward. Get in the habit of change. by