To Solve a Big Problem Follow The Funding

To find out how to solve a big problem, connect with those already spending millions of dollars trying to solve it. Many people want to solve a problem but those who are investing in the ideas will likely have the best idea of how to solve the problem. by

AI Research Tools I Want

I’d like an artificial intelligence tool to do things such as following: AI Best/Newest Research: Tell me “Best/newest supported research” about [X topic]  where you can keep track of industry trends related to things like disease research. Instead of research many sites related to promising research, this AI tool will sort and suggest the most promising idea. AI Unsolicited Advice: “What… Read More »

What is the Most Powerful Emotional Experience?

Why People Conform (from Simon Black): “Two Dutch scientists had conducted an experiment in which they exposed test subjects to a wide range of scenarios to evoke some of the most primal human emotions– joy, anger, etc. Subjects were hooked up to an electro-encephalogram (EEG) in order to quantitatively measure their brains’ cognitive response to… Read More »

Risk Management as a Course

I think one of the most valuable courses that aspiring students should take, that is not widely available, is risk management. Risk management should cover the following: Managing insurance Managing legal/compliance Evaluating statistical probability/mathematical modelling Understanding Manage people and culture International relationships/cross border relationships Managing technological risk A great example of a fantastic risk manager is Travis… Read More »