Wanted: Biotech Entrepreneurs

I’m looking to assist up to 5 biotech entrepreneurs per month with the following:

  1. Fundraising – through debt, private and/or public sources
  2. Scaling up
  3. Strategy management
  4. Relocating
  5. Legal referrals and recommendations regarding favorable jurisdictions (verify someone licensed though)
  6. Human resources/hiring talent

I’ll provide a free consultation if you send me a message through LinkedIn.

I think there are major opportunities for entrepreneurs in this field

to improve the quality of life for billions of people. It will also provide me an

opportunity to learn what some of the best entrepreneurs are working on

and consider potential ongoing relationships.

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Biggest Emerging Industries

Elon Musk: How To Be A Billionaire That Saves Our Planet is possibly my favorite documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfleN0WgJAo

Beyond Elon’s target industries–energy, space, robotics and transportation–there’s still many limitless industries with technological innovations opportunities in biotechnology, (eg. Stem cell research), quantum computing, energy, food production and space.

Beyond having basic comforts, there is possibly nothing more important a human can do than advance technology. Technological advancement can help preserve life on earth and enhance humanity’s quality of life.

I think one of the best lasting legacies anyone can leave on the planet is technological advancement. I think the people who solve a major disease like cancer, are doing a humanity a greater service to humanity than the person who donates $1 billion to charities (not to diminish the generosity of a large donation).



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