Medical and Biotechnology Ventures

While living I aim to allocate at least 25% of my funds and time towards business ventures focused on helping humans live healthier lives by investing in medical and biotechnology ventures.

I am skeptical about outright donations because I think businesses are the best way to allocate capital. I’ve seen horror stories of donations being poorly allocated.

I have a syndicate of investors/close friends who also have similar missions to invest in biotechnology ventures, so if you pitch deck, please add me on LinkedIn or get in touch through a referral.

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Healthy Living and Longevity

I’m going to begin compiling data related to promising solutions for longevity such as the following:

Cancer drug makes fruit flies live longer: “Female fruit flies were given trametinib as an additive in their food. A small dose of 1.56 µM, which is approximately equivalent to a daily dose of the drug in a human cancer patients, increased the fruit flies’ average life expectancy by 8%. With a higher dose of 15.6 µM, the flies lived 12% longer on average. – ” See more at:

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How to Get Tourists

It’s amazing that some countries turn away big business and act unfriendly to tourists whereas other countries are accepting and welcoming to do business.  I’ve found Singapore is the most tourist friendly country in the world. I encourage the public sector and private sector to visit the country firsthand

Many countries have wealthy tourists who will add value to your society.

Countries that want to attract tourists should do the following:

  • Get Feedback from Tourists: In Singapore you can rate how well the security did, how clean the bathrooms are, and more.
  • Multilingual Support: Have staff available who speak major languages fluently.
  • Fast Internet and Mobile Connections: I’ve travelled to a country that didn’t have internet in their airport. It doesn’t make sense to travel to countries with poor infrastructure
  • Private Sector Transportation Options: I’ve visited a country where the only available taxi option was a government owned company. It was not well run compared to private companies like Lyft and Uber.
  • Respectful Security Staff: There should be accountability and communication.
  • Allow people to pay for expedited services. Some people will pay for the convenience of being pre-screened.
  • Payment Options: I’ve visited a country where they didn’t accept credit cards or US dollars. They only allowed payment in their airport in their local currency. This is quite inconvenient.
  • Make the Visa Process Reasonable for Tourists willing to pay to visit your country. There are countries where you can buy a passport for $100,000s-$1,000,000. Instead of forcing people to pay this, I’m sure many tourists would pay countries annual fees or even upfront fees for the ability to easily enter countries without hassle.


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Epigenetic regulation and age-associated effects

Source: University of Tsukuba

“These findings reveal that, contrary to the mitochondrial theory of aging, epigenetic regulation controls age-associated respiration defects in human fibroblast cell lines. Can epigenetic regulation also control aging in humans? That theory remains to be tested, and if proven, could result in glycine supplements giving our older population a new lease of life.”

“Epigenetic regulation refers to changes, such as the addition of chemical structures or proteins, which alter the physical structure of the DNA, resulting in genes turning on or off.”

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Scientific/Technological Research

I plan to re-invest the majority of my capital towards scientific/technological research designed solving major problems. I’m particularly interested in biotechnology and applying artificial intelligence to help humans live healthier lives.  This is currently my major extracurricular interest.

I’m currently scouting the best experts in this field to determine the best way to build a team to tackle a major problem in the field. I’m also reading extensively on the matter to better equip myself to find the best opportunities. While I believe a return on investment is important to make a venture sustainable, I aim to also to find solutions to help humans live happier, healthier lives.

A small group of friends and I are looking to back top entrepreneurs in biotechnology. Feel free to reach out to me directly with a slide deck/presentation if you have a solid business plan and management team.

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