Brainstorm of Businesses Needed

Quick Brainstorm of Businesses Needed:

  1. Healthcare marketplace connecting longevity service providers with patients
  2. Private security services: There needs to be a private alternative to 911 in major cities that sends private armed security to your home or business in the event of a security threat (eg. trespassing, violence, theft). It seems like public sources are not always reliable (eg. Time is wasting giving the location and sometimes local 911 operators are not available). A simple voice command from any app automatically sends your location and profile.
  3. Private health services: Similar to the above, there needs to be a private health emergency response unit that provides emergency health services on demand.
  4. Food services delivery company where you can watch your food being made and delivered on-demand through a video streaming app to ensure the entire process is handled with care. The food preparation team and delivery drivers (eventually drones) will wear body cams.
  5. AI tools that detect crime in public and private environments
  6. On demand dating service that interviews singles in a geographic area or theme (eg. College students) and sets up guaranteed dates

If you’d like to help me build any of the above, please reach out to me.

Philanthropic Ideas Needed:

  1. Website that uses secret video footage to expose waste, fraud, corruption and scamsĀ (eg. Scammers targetting tourists in foreign countries) and abuse and posting the videos online
  2. Service that protects victims of crime

The philanthropic ideas may not be great businesses and may be more suitable for crowdfunding or a community of individuals that makes advertising revenue.

By Leon Apel

Leon Apel works virtually with talented team members from North America, Europe and Asia on projects designed to improve life on earth.

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