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Useful Snapchats for Business

The following is by no means a comprehensive list but are just a handful of particularly interesting Snapchats I follow from successful entrepreneurs where I think they’ve posted particularly useful content (in no particular order):

  • tailopez1: Tai Lopez – business and life
  • msuster: Mark Suster – VC  good for deal-making
  • justinkan: Founder of Twitch/Justin.TV & YC cominator partner
  • peterqnguyen: Peter Nguyen – entrepreneur
  • tuan.vy: Tuan Vy – entrepreneur
  • howemoney: Steve Howe – entrepreneur
  • commirza18: Com Mirza – entrepreneur/investor
  • hackapreneur: Justin Wu – entrepreneur


  • I follow other successful entrepreneurs but they may not post as much content related to business.  For example, I follow Chris Sacca, a very smart VC, but he doesn’t post a lot of business related content.
  • I particularly like it when they summarize important business lessons or highlight an important chapter of a book they are reading.
  • I might add to the list as I go along; this a dynamic list
  • My own snapchat is not very useful as I’m somewhat private and have no need to build a large following yet
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Bina 48 Meets Bina Rothblatt

Presented without commentary:


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Positive/Optimistic/High Energy Songs

The following are random songs to get in a good mood:

  1. Reload – Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin
  2. Forever – Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem
  3. Guru Josh Project
  4. Where the Party’s At
  5. Kid Cudi Dat New New
  6. Otto Knows – Million Voices
  7. Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard
  8. OneRepublic – Good Life
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Stamina for Late Risers > Early Risers?

Stamina for Late Risers > Early Risers: However, you need to read the journal itself to verify the quality of the study’s method. They used only 30 subjects and the specific quality assurance controls weren’t stated in the article.

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When Will Canada Get the HTC Google Android G1 Phone?

I can’t wait until the HTC Google Phone comes to Canada.

So far, the US has a release date and so does the UK…what about Canada?

Google gears, google chrome, and their phone all look amazing.  Open source is what will make it a winner.  Companies are virtually "re-inventing the wheel" with their own platforms, so having a standardized platform is common sense.

If anyone knows when it’s coming out, share the scoop.