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Testing Toronto Daily Food Delivery Service

I’m testing out a service for 10 days that delivers daily meals to you called the Nim Diet.

For about $40/day, they deliver chef-prepared, healthy, daily meals including a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert.

Here’s what my upcoming schedule looks like:

august 21 to 24th meals

August 21 to 24th.png

august 25 to 28th meals

Aug 25 to Aug 29 meals.png

 Peace. I may update this blog on how it goes

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Which Website Has the Most Traffic in Canada?

ANSWER = Facebook!

Facebook is the new king of online traffic in Canada, beating out Google and Yahoo.

It’s interesting that around December 2005 I, like many of peers, had just discovered Facebook.   In less than 2 years, facebook has accomplished this feat: very impressive yet disappointing.

Why disappointing?  I personally feel Google should be #1 :).   Using Google’s network is a far better use of your time.   Why?…Google has the following: – Gmail – Search – Image – Maps etc. – Google Apps

Side note: according to my toolbar, Facebook is #10 worldwide as of now…let’s hope it stays that way.

Don’t believe the screenshot?  Go here:

Check out this screenshot:

Free Image Hosting at

I’ll leave you to draw the implications… 🙂

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New Google Sky? Google is One Step Closer to Having “Google Everything”

I think the following is the order of Google’s Domination of Monitoring Our Universe:

1) Google Earth
2) Goole Moon
3) Google Mars
4) Google Streetview: now…

Google Sky




It’s like inverting Google Earth… 🙂  The next major breakthrough will be when Google RFIDs us and creates Google Body.  Google already understands a great deal of our mind by monitoring our keyword searches…


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Frozen Smoke AKA Aerogel: “It is the greatest insulator we’ve ever seen”

Scientists are working to discover new applications for the substance, ranging from the next generation of tennis rackets to super-insulated space suits for a manned mission to Mars.   Mark Krajewski, a senior scientist at the company, believes that an 18mm layer of aerogel will be sufficient to protect astronauts from temperatures as low as -130C. “It is the greatest insulator we’ve ever seen,” he said.

This goes in my cool stuff category…I wouldn’t be surprised if the same NASA scientists who rediscovered this are simply back-engineering the technology from recovered UFOs. . 🙂


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Aubrey De Grey – Is Aging A “Problem” that Can Be Overcome?

I think Aubrey De Grey is well beyond our time in thought leadership.   In other words, Aubrey is a great visionary.

He shattered my paradigm about the myth of aging and the thought that "aging" was uncontrollabe.

One of his key mantras is that aging is a problem — a challenge that can be overcome.  He promotes life extension and is performing research to treat the "problem of aging."   I’m going to post this video on my blog becauuse it’s of interest to me:





Amazing.   He has a great picture understanding of the issue and his opposition.  He’s the Christopher Colombus of Aging.