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Rather Than Write This Blog Post, I’ll Jing It…

JING–not to be confused with Jinx is a nice tool to use for sharing quick video/picture messages.   So, rather than write this blog post, ‘ll Jing it…check out a sample of this cool tool:


This is a cool application, similar to Camtasia where you can record your screen very easily.
While it’s not as comprehensive as Camtasia nor is it ad-free like Camtasia, it’s faster. 
I’d rate this as 9/10 on ease-of-use and design and 8/10 on a "must have" scale.


Note: .swf files are apparently not accepted by Google Video and I gotta run…. haha (incomplete post)

Cool Stuff

Coolest Virtually UnKnown Technology: Claytronics Revealed

What is claytronics?   It’s a technology that allows you to use computer assisted design (CAD) to create PHYSICAL OBJECTS from micro matter. Claytronics is in it’s infancy and will definitely revolutionalize the manufacturing industry.



I wasn’t familar with claytronics until I read this article in Business 2.0:


Think about all of the applications:

– execute manufacturing work in seconds;
– develop a complete replica of a human being to be in your room while having a conversation with someone who is not physically present;
– convert all paper diagrams and drawings into physical objects (cool way to write class notes!)
There are endless options…