Monthly Archives: July 2007

Coolest Virtually UnKnown Technology: Claytronics Revealed

What is claytronics?   It’s a technology that allows you to use computer assisted design (CAD) to create PHYSICAL OBJECTS from micro matter. Claytronics is in it’s infancy and will definitely revolutionalize the manufacturing industry.     I wasn’t familar with claytronics until I read this article in Business 2.0:   Think about all of… Read More »

Age of Information Automation and Prediction

Many people like classifying eras, groups, phases, describing new eras such as: Web 2.0 Era Generation X Post 9/11 Era While many “experts” call our current era the age of information, I think it’s too vague and I’ll make it a bit more precise with two case studies.  Our era involves  automating information to the… Read More »

Who’s the Coolest Guy on the Planet? SEO Contest

I recently found about an amusing contest where contenders compete to receive a top search engine ranking for "Coolest Guy on the Planet."  If you search Google for "Coolest Guy on the Planet" you’ll see a few listings.  The top guys are champs.   I love how the internet is a game where you can compete… Read More »