How to Accomplish Any Goal (if it’s Worth it!) and Manage Information/Time

I’ve found many amazing ways of accomplishing my goals now by taking action and implementing what I’ve learned.

I’m faced with a (favourable) challenge: do I keep learning more or do I act now or both?   How do I manage my time?

Thanks to the internet accomplishing any major goal can be just a search away.  Of course, this is subject to many contraints.  In other words, the knowledge is out there for those who choose to seek it.

What I wrote seems like fluff: it’s as if I’ve been like I haven’t said much, but this is a big deal to me.  Information is very addictive.  At the same time, everything boils down to a decision over what to do with your time.


Want to make a million dollars?   Reverse-engineer it.   How easy is that?   Look…if you really want to accomplish all your goals it’s really as simple as learning from the best.   There are an infinite number of ways to make a million dollars.   Some meet your needs more.

Many of the most successful people I know drop this secret again and again, so I’m going to repeat it.  Reverse-engineer it.  Reverse-engineer it. Reverse-engineer it.

Need an example?  Let’s pick something tough.   What’s the hardest thing to accomplish that you can think of? 

**BRIEF EPIPHANY* WOW.  As I write this I think back to very successful people who have used similar words and have challenged people with statements such as: "Give yourself an extremely challenging goal, so that when you accomplish it, you’ll know it was because you used my idea."   I’ve heard a similar phrase mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich; by the Chicken Soup for the Soul author featured in The Secret and by Tim Ferris’ in his New York Times Best Seller The Four Hour Work Week.   

Back on track…recall we were picking a seemingly challenging goal.  How about arranging a one-on-one meeting with the President/Prime Minister/Chancellor of any country in the world?

How to do this: Reverse-engineer it!   Okay, fine…I’ll spell out a high level overview.  This needs to be broken down further and further until you accomplish all the steps necessary to accomplish your goal.   I adopted components of this "sales process" to many tasks from Casey Combden, a man who makes $100,000+/month.

1. Find out who has done it before and who is currently doing it (MAKE A LIST)

2. Contact them.  Pick up the phone.  If you don’t get through to the first person, go to the next person.  Do you suck at this?  Hire someone to do it for you.  Money talks.  Don’t have money?  Earn it….again, you can find a way.  Nothing mentioned here or in further posts are NECESSARY STEPS.  They are  SUFFICIENT, yet not foolproof.  (CONTACT)

3. Present your idea and ask for how you can meet the President — what are your options?  If they can’t help you, ask if they know who can (use your leads wisely).  If they can’t help you, go to the next contact on your list.  (PRESENT YOUR REQUEST)

4 (OPTIONAL). Follow-up to set up a new meeting if need be.

5. Once you acquire the KNOWLEDGE, plan how to excecute this effectively and, if need be, cycle through the previous steps (PLAN YOUR SUCCESS).

6. EXECUTE OR  If at first you don’t succeed…you know the saying.

7. If it’s worth the time, continue attemping.  If not, I encourage you to stop!  There are times when QUITTING IS A GOOD OPTION.   Also, evaluate your succeed if you choose to learn from your success.  Again, it’s your life!  Take shortcuts if it makes sense. (MANAGE PRIORITIES AND EVALUATE)

If you take this challenge, you’re a champ.  I don’t need to offer you a prize, but I’d like to because I like meeting champs. 


"Choose your Destiny" – Mortal Kombat, haha 🙂

By Leon Apel

Leon Apel works virtually with talented team members from North America, Europe and Asia on projects designed to improve life on earth.

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