“Original” Ideas are Derived

How can an idea be original?

Through evolution,  and assuming evolution occurs ceteris paribus, a human brain is pre-wired with certain capabilities.

The following are two sources of information:

  • external stimuli – by using the five senses, humans capture new information and synthesize it whether f
  • internal stimuli (eg. maturation of brain cells)

I think people overestimate originality and place too much value on it.   People are expected to “copy” languages.  This is especially the case in business

Brand Advertising and Old Spice


I’ve written earlier about why brand advertising is highly risky. As the article indicates above, Old Spice’s sales have actually decreased.

I’ll offer Old Spice a deal where I will increase their sales by at least 10% with only HALF of the budget they spent on the old spice campaign.   Contact me.

Funny doesn’t necessarily sell. This stuff has been written about for ages. You can read about my post about this matter here: http://www.leonapel.com/2009/08/17/why-performance-marketing-is-superior-to-brand-advertising/.  The biggest consistently profitable marketers understand marketing is a science and should not be left to chance.

Why HST Makes Sense in Ontario

The HST makes sense because businesses will no longer be charged GST by several inputs in their Ontario supply chain. This will also allow Ontario to attract more businesses to incorporate in Ontario. The extra costs experienced by consumers are temporary to consumers as more competition will result in lower long-term costs. More businesses in Ontario means more jobs and other multiplier effects that stimulate prosperity.

The HST makes sense because businesses will no longer be charged GST by several inputs in their Canadian supply chain. This will also allow Canada to attract more businesses to incorporate in Canada. The extra costs experienced by consumers are temporary to consumers as more competition will result in lower long-term costs.

Bank of Canada’s Response

The following is the response I received ?- I sent another brief email requesting clarity:

Dear Leon Apel:

Thank you for your email of 7 July 2010. I will respond to your questions in order.

We do not provide a public database of all Bank of Canada bank note serial numbers to the public. Given the complexities of the printing process, and for security reasons, the Bank of Canada does not report bank note serial numbers on its website. The Bank only provides the first and last prefix in a range of serial numbers as public information. A last serial number will always be provided with the next first serial number, whenever there is a change in bank note design or signature combinations (Birds of Canada and Canadian Journey series only), and a change in the year of production (Canadian Journey series only). It’s important to note that not all notes printed in the ranges of serial numbers necessarily go into circulation. Attached is a list of the available serial numbers.

The external auditors audit the Bank’s annual financial statements. Their reports are sent to the Minister of Finance, and the professional opinion they express on the Bank’s financial statements forms a part of those statements and is presented in the Bank?s Annual Report. Please see the Financial Statements which is part of the Annual Report. (http://www.bankofcanada.ca/en/annual/2009/ar2009.html)

We publish comprehensive data on Canadian money supply in our weekly and monthly financial statistics packages which are available on our website at the following addresses:



Bank notes remain an important method of payment and store of value in the Canadian economy. (See Bank of Canada Review article on this subject:http://www.bankofcanada.ca/en/review/spring06/taylor.pdf)

The main attributes of cash, namely, convenience, broad acceptance, and public confidence, explain why bank notes continue to be used by Canadians. Nevertheless, the payment environment is evolving. The growing use of credit cards and, particularly, debit cards has had an impact on cash usage at the point of sale (POS). As well, emerging payment technologies offered by financial or non-financial institutions will likely broaden consumer payment choices in the future. However, it is important to note that all forms of payment are subject to criminal activity, such as fraud.

In regards to your question regarding government spending, you may wish to contact the Department of Finance Canada or Treasury Board (Canada).

And for your last question regarding the federal government, please contact the Department of Finance Canada at (613) 992-1573 or you may wish to visit their website at the following address: http://www.fin.gc.ca/.

Attachment to the email: http://www.2shared.com/document/3xFN-NR_/Signature_Change__Serial_Numbe.html