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“Original” Ideas are Derived

How can an idea be original? Through evolution,  and assuming evolution occurs ceteris paribus, a human brain is pre-wired with certain capabilities. The following are two sources of information: external stimuli – by using the five senses, humans capture new information and synthesize it whether f internal stimuli (eg. maturation of brain cells) I think… Read More »

Brand Advertising and Old Spice–1403 I’ve written earlier about why brand advertising is highly risky. As the article indicates above, Old Spice’s sales have actually decreased. I’ll offer Old Spice a deal where I will increase their sales by at least 10% with only HALF of the budget they spent on the old spice campaign.   Contact me. Funny doesn’t… Read More »

Why HST Makes Sense in Ontario

The HST makes sense because businesses will no longer be charged GST by several inputs in their Ontario supply chain. This will also allow Ontario to attract more businesses to incorporate in Ontario. The extra costs experienced by consumers are temporary to consumers as more competition will result in lower long-term costs. More businesses in… Read More »

Bank of Canada’s Response

The following is the response I received ?- I sent another brief email requesting clarity: Dear Leon Apel: Thank you for your email of 7 July 2010. I will respond to your questions in order. We do not provide a public database of all Bank of Canada bank note serial numbers to the public. Given… Read More »