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Apple and Microsoft: Hard Work & Achievement

08th Jul 2010Blog

I think one of the most rewarding parts of life is hard work and achievement. A somewhat dated documentary called Triumph of the […]

US Must Cut Public Sector or Fall Like Rome: Zell

07th Jul 2010Blog

Sam Zell, a real estate billionaire, compares Rome’s failure to America’s pending demise: “How did Rome fall?” Zell asked. Rome fell because people […]

Open Email to the Bank of Canada on Paper Currency Reform

07th Jul 2010Blog

Dear Bank of Canada: by

On Trust and Skepticism

06th Jul 2010Blog

The following are some some great quotations on trust: “Trust but verify” – Ronald Reagan “Don’t trust anyone” – Donald Trump (His son […]

NSFW: Ultimate iPhone4 Parody

03rd Jul 2010Blog,

NSFW: Ultimate iPhone 4 Parody Allegedly, the Best Buy employee who created this video was fired. by