5 Tips for Hiring on Outsourcing Websites

  1. Ask for samples in your posting
  2. Use milestones and clear deadlines
  3. Always escrow. Don’t prepay unless there is a good reason.
  4. I may give bonuses for early completion. Out of 3 bonus offers, I’ve had 3/3 projects done early.
  5. For large projects, give someone a small project and see how well they work. With anything above ~ $5,000 project, you’ll be very confident they can deliver on both quality and time.

These outsourced websites have skyrocketed in popularity. I’ve personally outsourced over 60 projects as of today (August 3, 2010) and started back in late 2007. Elance is also the 349th most popular websites in the United States today according to Alexa.