The Death of “Reading Books”

Steve Jobs, the CEO Of Apple,  was recently quoted as saying "People don’t read books" when asked about one of Amazon’s new developments.

Applying the principle of charity, I intrepret that he meant that, on average, people are proportionally reading less compared to other activities (eg. watching videos, and using the internet).   You’re likely proof of that 😉

This point is self-evident from human-nature.  As anyone who went through public schooling will tell you, youth are far more enthusiastic about watching a video lesson as opposed to reading about it. 

Steve Jobs obviously gets it.  People live in the "synopsis era," "bullet-point" era or whatever else you please.  Just keep it brief.   In fact, people want to talk more than they want to listen.  That’s one of the reasons why Web 2.0 is so hot.   People want fast interaction.

People don’t want to read a 900 page novel anymore.   Speaking of which, the last 900-pager I read was in grade 12, called "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry.  Great book.  Great historical background.  Great narrative.   Did he need to use 900 pages to write it?  I don’t think so.

"Sparks Notes.  Coles Notes.  Purple monkey?" They get it.   So, next time you speak — be concise.  State your biggest point upfront.  Speak in elevator pitches.  And I should follow my own advice….this blog post will end now.

P.S. This should have been a video, a photo, or in some sort of creative media since we both know you probably aren’t going to read it — eh?  Well, I guess I can’t run for public office now.