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Biotech Researcher Wanted

Biotech Researcher, Writer, and Analyst Wanted I’m currently looking for one full time biotechnology researcher, analyst and writer. The following are the qualifications of an ideal candidate (exceptions might be made for exceptional applicants) Significant interest in biotechnology Excellent performance in the sciences Excellent research and writing skills Ability to interview and summarize content well Excellent project… Read More »

IBM Watson is the World’s Best Problem Solver

It’s almost inevitable that IBM Watson will be used to solve big problems across multiple fields both effectively and efficiently: Instead of problem solving manually, I think it’s best to apply technology like this to testing out solutions to every major challenge. by

Read Books Manually vs IBM Watson/Wolfram Alpha Automation

Since human memory is inferior to computer intelligence, why read an entire book to retain knowledge? One year after the fact, we can probably recall less than 1% of all written materials we’ve read. Computers will read and summarize books for you. We will use a wolfram alpha type of tool combined with the horsepower… Read More »

Immigration and Technological Advancement

Countries that are welcoming to educated/hard working immigrants will be positioned to advance technologically sooner. Entrepreneurs/scientists are sometimes limited in their countries of origin or the regulatory environment is not conducive to business. For example, Elon Musk moved to Canada from South Africa. By performing well in a Canada University, he had a track record… Read More »

Wanted: Biotech Entrepreneurs

I’m looking to assist up to 5 biotech entrepreneurs per month with the following: Fundraising – through debt, private and/or public sources Scaling up Strategy management Relocating Legal referrals and recommendations regarding favorable jurisdictions (verify someone licensed though) Human resources/hiring talent I’ll provide a free consultation if you send me a message through LinkedIn. I… Read More »