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What do investors want?

What do investors want? Clarity regarding how funds are used: In some cases an entrepreneur has too many projects/ideas (which can be both good and bad) but the company needs to initially be a lot more laser focused. It’s good because it shows the entrepreneur may be willing to “pivot” or adapt to the best potential… Read More »

Bad Assumptions and Pivoting

Unsuccessful people tend to fall victim to bad assumptions, which affirms their existing flawed perceptions of reality. Are bad assumptions due to laziness because thinking and due diligence requires effort? It’s quite odd how many people refuse to evaluate new ideas so they get stuck in life. Successful people I know tend to be able to… Read More »

Why Investors Decline Deals

Beyond financial reasons, the following are some reasons why a deal may not be funded: Entrepreneur makes bad assumptions Entrepreneur avoids conflict too much; they’re unwilling to make difficult decisions and having difficult discussions when needed Entrepreneur is a bad listener Entrepreneur is slow and takes a while to implement Scattered entrepreneur who is working on too many… Read More »

Useful Snapchats for Business

The following is by no means a comprehensive list but are just a handful of particularly interesting Snapchats I follow from successful entrepreneurs where I think they’ve posted particularly useful content (in no particular order): tailopez1: Tai Lopez – business and life msuster: Mark Suster – VC  good for deal-making justinkan: Founder of Twitch/Justin.TV & YC cominator partner… Read More »