AI Research Tools I Want

I’d like an artificial intelligence tool to do things such as following:

  1. AI Best/Newest Research: Tell me “Best/newest supported research” about [X topic]  where you can keep track of industry trends related to things like disease research. Instead of research many sites related to promising research, this AI tool will sort and suggest the most promising idea.
  2. AI Unsolicited Advice: “What are the top things I should do and not do?” which lists a list of top life priorities and tells me what I should consider and provide complete action steps (eg. What type of food should I be eating or stop eating?)
  3.  AI Human Recommendation: Who can help me solve X problem? This could be solved in several ways including the following:
    1. An AI Recruiter: Someone that researches profiles on places like LinkedIn and helps you find someone with the best fit based on experience, and references
    2. AI Job Interviewer: This would be an AI that actively contacts and interviews people on your behalf to find the right person

If you can build something related to the above, I’d like to speak with you and can help you secure funding.