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Only 8% Success Rate of Animal to Human Clinical Trials

According to “The average rate of successful translation from animal models to clinical cancer trials is less than 8%. Animal models are limited in their ability to mimic the extremely complex process of human carcinogenesis, physiology and progression. Therefore the safety and efficacy identified in animal studies is generally not translated to human trials.” by

Currency Crisis

The black swan of this decade is an accelerated currency crisis. In 1 year, multiple major currencies are down 15.62-20.26% – CAD, EUR, JPY, AUD, and NZD. It could significantly escalate as currencies default and there is a flight to safety. by

Rapamycin may alter the aging process

“The most promising treatment right now is a mysterious drug called Rapamycin. Dr. Dean Kellogg, a UT Medicine and Barshop Institute researcher and clinical doctor working at the San Antonio Veterans Affairs, says he’s been testing the drug on eight people in the San Antonio area.” “I never really thought I would see a pharmacological… Read More »