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Raw Food and Plant Sourced Diet

This is anecdotal but I personally feel best after eating raw foods–uncooked fruits, vegetables and nuts/seeds. I’d like someone to create a product/service company that creates delivers plant sourced foods daily. Also, I’m also jumping on the bandwagon of removing sugar completely from my diet. by

Better Returns with Active Management

Disclaimer for the entire blog: This blog is being written for fun/educational purposes only. Nothing on this blog is investment advice or should be acted on without seeking professional advice. It appears that the top investment performers are people who do more than just passively invest but actually do things to make companies more valuable/profitable.… Read More »

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business Someone asked me yesterday what is the first step to start a business. This person worked for a company their entire life and didn’t know whether they should first incorporate a company or find a product or service I think the best approach is to find a market/audience who needs your… Read More »

Will Human Intelligence Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Will Human Intelligence Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence? Stephen Hawking has warned that artificial intelligence could end the human race. Machines that can think pose a threat to our very existence and “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” the theoretical physicist has told the BBC. Elon Musk… Read More »