X Prize For Best Ideas Sponsored by Government

X Prize For Best Ideas Sponsored by Government

I think governments should focus on the biggest priorities of its citizen by inviting public-private partnerships and voting on the top ideas.

There are many critical issues where some of the best ideas go undiscovered because people think their voice doesn’t count.

The best/smartest ideas should come from anyone instead of just a handful of elected representatives.

There are prize winning scientists who I’m sure would love to help politicians but currently the feedback loop from experts to politicians is not optimal.

Quality People. Quality Life.

The following is basic advice but I believe the following is true:

  1. Want to live in a safe, secure area? Find out where others who value safety live.
  2. Want to be a good entrepreneur? Hang out with other good entrepreneurs
  3. Want to be physically fit? Hang out with people who go to the gym

Work Hard. Become a Vortex

If you work hard enough, you become a vortex, attracting more opportunities.

I think many people give 50% of their best and wonder why they don’t succeed.

It’s easier to succeed when you already have a track record because people want to work with you.

Success becomes a snowball. I wrote more about this here: Leon Apel