Likes, Dislikes, Risks and Rewards

Check out the following statistics from most popular youtube video: as of September 15th, 2013:

  • 884,702 dislikes
  • Total votes: 8,719,623
  • Dislike percentage: 10.15%

Imagine having 884,702 not like you…

More fame = More likes and more dislikes

You can maximize your percentage of fans by addressing their concerns; however, if you can’t deal with the negative, you can’t have this type of success.

The above analogy is similar to how an entrepreneur should see running a high growth company. 

In business, there are risks and rewards. If you seek out more rewards, you will likely be faced with an increasing number of risks. It’s your goal to manage risks, while maximizing  rewards to stakeholders.

By focusing on the reward, and staying realistic about your addressible risks/dislikes, you can achieve your goals with increased confidence.