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Act Like a Bank

Act Like a Bank — How to Be Trustworthy The test for a good business relationship should be: “Would I deposit funds with them?” I think a good mindset for entrepreneurs is to think like a bank when it comes to the following: Business Partners Team members Vendors Financial institutions Regulators Accountants and lawyers First,… Read More »

How Do We Make This Fun?

Elon Musk makes a good point when it comes to creating a good work environment in the video at (By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a fan) He poses the the question: “How do we make this fun?” How do you make other people’s environments as fun as a… Read More »

30% of Chinese Business is Intermediated Through Hong Kong?

The following video about Hong Kong video is recommended: Interesting Facts: Right now 10% of Chinese external trade is settled in RMB Hong Kong provides the most liquid offshore market for RMB To be continued by

Due Diligence and Time Wasters

It appears that many people don’t know what “allegedly” means. It appears that many people believe opinions, even without proper evidence. If someone is accused of something, they should be presumed innocent. Due to flaws in the legal system, wasting time addressing every false allegation is a waste of time. It’s a tragedy that some… Read More »