Modelling Elon Musk's Desirable Personality Traits

Elon Musk has some highly desirable personality traits including the following:

  1. He solves big, meaningful problems
  2. He’s focused on discussing big, exciting ideas that inspire others
  3. He’s very polite when mentioning things he thinks need improvement
  4. He’s humble, which makes him quite likable¬†
  5. He gives others credit instead of making himself the focus of receiving credit
  6. He’s highly intelligent and polite about his desire to win (so that he doesn’t seem ruthless)
  7. He speaks clearly and uses concise sentences; therefore, its easy to follow his logic
  8. He uses polite, light-hearted humor

You can watch many of the aforementioned qualities by watching Tesla’s 2013 annual shareholder meeting:¬†¬†(at 7:10 Elon begins to talk).