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Serial Billion Dollar Company Builders

Someone recently asked me for a recommendation–either a book or course on strategy. A lot of my favorite reading comes from reading about topics that interest me, people I admire, and experiments in business. I think most books and courses aren’t a good use of time since you probably only remember 5% of what you… Read More »

Apple's Sales: Best Evidence That China is a Lucrative Consumer Market

According to Apple’s latest earnings report, Apple generated sales of $12.4B in 6 months.  Techcrunch has some solid infographics about this at Backing up images just in case: 1) 2) 3) Asia Pacific went from 22.1% of sales to 29.2% in 1 year Cook said in the October earnings call: “For China — the sky’s… Read More »

Lottery Tickets: Evidence of Widespread Irrational Behavior

Lottery Tickets: Evidence of Widespread Irrational Behavior Gambling: : Evidence of Widespread Irrational Behavior Close to 50% of discussions I heard before noon on the night of a  $600M+ lottery draw morning in San Francisco involved the lottery. This leads to several potential reasons why people buy: Many people are bad at math (statistics, is… Read More »