Monthly Archives: March 2012

Unsolicited, Unsecured $10,000 US Credit Card Offer

Just a quick update: It only took 3-4 months to get my first non-secured personal credit card offer in the mail. As mentioned in the post here on getting US credit, the number of steps for a non US citizen can be tedious This $10,000 unsecured card offer is from a firm I’ve never heard… Read More »

Risk Management is Underrated

Managing risk is a critical part of any business, probably more important than many other topics taught in business. In fact, risk management should be integrated as at least 25% of the discussion in any real world decision. In the real word, at least 25% of discussions involve some element of risk control/management. by

Life as a Video Game: What is the Best Move?

I think using life as a video game is the best way to maximize optimal decision making. Humans are predictably irrational in that we make decisions that are suboptimal but we’re predictable in our decisions over a large enough sample. Behavior can be modelled and humans can use this intelligence and data to make the… Read More »

Weird Dream: Santorum and Romney Hired Me

I had one of the strangest dreams. It is uncharacteristic of me to share light topics like this but there’s actually a good lesson. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney both hired me as a consultant to win the Republican primaries where there was a conflict of interest. The interesting thing is they both appeared at… Read More »