Quick Way to Organize Priorities/Tasks

Quick Way to Organize Priorities/Tasks

  1. Use at least two computers, each designed for a specific type of project (eg. work only vs. recreation only)
  2. For Windows Users: Use a unique “user” login for each project you do, so each new user is instead a “unique project.” I’ve found this very helpful for ensuring my computers run quickly because each user has a unique set of programs installed with much less unnecessary software running in the background.
  3. Use a tool like Springpad/Evernote to take notes and create a new notepad for each new major project

What’s the best strategy for running a high…

What’s the best strategy for running a high growth company and speeding up implementation?

  • I think a good analogy of achieving maximum speed is to borrow an analogy from BitTorrent sharing.
  • Instead of relying on 1 web developer, for example, why not have 1,000s of web developers bid on each individual project you do? Only using 1 developer creates a bottleneck. Hiring or downloading, in the case of torrents, from multiple parties, mitigates risk and helps increase speed.
  • Instead of assigning a project to one person, why not break up a project’s tasks into 10 bite size pieces and assign them to 10 different people?

How do you manage these tasks?

  • Project management tools (basecamp, teamlab etc)
  • User permission logins (Every item you use should have a unique login)
  • Shared documents (eg. Google Docs/Zoho Docs)

Your key objective as a leader is to great a blueprint, a roadmap, or a canvass.

You should also provide clear instructions and find talented people to execute. Spread risk among multiple parties. Don’t blackbox yourself to only one provider.