How to Solve the Global Debt Crisis

The best way to realistically solve the global debt crisis is to focus on energy. Indebted nations like America should focus on BIG REVENUE-PRODUCERS ONLY that lower the trade deficit/create a surplus.

It’s important to Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) because most people are more effective focusing on one simple task rather than multi-task. Two big sources of the trade deficit are

1) imports of ENERGY and 2) GOODS from Asia.

Indebted nations like the US can’t realistically beat Asia on cost. Therefore, indebted nations should subsidize specific proposals that lower energy dependence (eg. companies like Tesla) and increase tariffs on undesirable energy.

Word Choice Reveals Naked Intentions

One of the clearest signs of an unsuitable candidate is an unclear answer to your question.  If you ask a specific question, you should receive a specific answer.

With most employees, you have to create near a recipe book to ensure there is no possibility for error and create a tome of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

When hiring, or considering potential partners, if you hear language like “I’ll try,” indirect answers to questions, or long, drawn out answers, you should place a yellow flag.

The vast majority of people fall into the camp of requiring extremely specific instructions. Only people who have absolutely mastered a task and have a demonstrated track record, should be allowed more open discretion. By providing discretion, humans will react predictably to incentives.

To be open to discretion, employees need to consider other people’s interests/goals. Many people are so wrapped up in their own worlds that they don’t consider other people’s interests. This is why only a small group of people are good deal-makers. You must be able to understand the perspective of all stakeholders to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.