How to Cancel Unproductive In-Person Meetings

I’ve had no problem doing over 90% of my deals on the phone and over email. However, occasionally, I get the “in-person meeting request” and, from several empirical tests, I’ve found these to be mostly time-wasters, especially with prospective deals.

The following is now my go to line:

To be honest, I only like in-person meetings if they’re an absolute must or when there is a clear deadline or deal to tackle. I’m sure you’re a nice person . However, from a great deal of empirical data, email/phone is far more productive to assess new deals.

At the same time, I definitely found industry events useful, especially in finding new opportunities, and strengthening relationships with existing partners.

By Leon Apel

Leon Apel works virtually with talented team members from North America, Europe and Asia on projects designed to improve life on earth.

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