Monthly Archives: November 2010

PIIGS and Bailouts, A Thesis on the Cause

Why are/will PIIGS (Portugual, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, and Spain) / Countries Get Bailed Out The following is my hypothesis on the cycle: System design flaws (eg. rules to keep a balanced budget are not sufficiently enforced) Misinformed voters Unqualified Candidates Fiscal Irresponsibility Debt crisis Bailout, default, or debt restructuring Currency Crisis Inevitable Outcome: System reforms… Read More »

Blueprint Vs. “Being Original”

Why reinvent the wheel? It’s far more productive to start with a blueprint that can save you time.  Most people follow many blueprints from hiring experts, leveraging other people’s technologies, and receiving an education in specialized areas. I think experimenting is a useful way to learn in conjunction with applying a blueprint. Focusing on creativity/originality… Read More »

Common Wisdom Can Lead to Common Success

Common wisdom–generally accepted information accepted as a truth–should be treated as merely a hypothesis until proven otherwise. The following is the logic many people have: Premise: X is widely accepted as being true Premise (with logical leap): Anything that is widely accepted must be true Conclusion: X must be true I’ve found humans are predictably… Read More »