US Geneticist Craig Venter Created Artificial Life

US Geneticist Craig Venter created artificial life. Specifically, “he had created an organism with manmade DNA.”

The applications are endless. We can essentially control our planet and play “God” by scientifically engineering ways to manipulate our environment to optimize the planet.

There are several philosophical questions this poses, assuming the US constitution is a guide for an effective society:

a) Definitions of Success: What are the definitions of an ideal planet? Is the goal of mankind to maximize life, liberty and pursuit of happiness/security of person?

b) Legal: How do we design our system of laws to effectively manage this?

c) What should the limitations of this technology be?

d) How can mankind unlock the limitless potential of this technology sooner?

I think discussing this further would involve too much speculation, so it’s time for action.

Why I Prefer Email

I like email. It’s not my intention to be difficult but to serve you better.  Therefore, please email first.

The following is why I often prefer email to other forms of communication:

1) I can manage a high volume of data in the following ways:

a) Searching conversations: I can search by conversations, keywords, dates, names, etc.

b) Storage: Data is clearly stored in a logical manner

c) Avoids the need to double record data

d) Avoids the need to play “phone tag” with voicemails

e) Calls usually take longer than emails to convey the same data

f) Unplanned/unexpected calls can be distracting

g) Some calls without clear agendas take too long

Still, a call can be an effective means of contact if it is scheduled and there’s a clear agenda.  It also prevents a delay in communication with time-sensitive issues.

Thank you.