Google Goggles Lets You Search By Submitting Photographs

The Sixth Sense Revolution continues…

“It is our goal to be able to identify any image,” he said. “It represents our earliest efforts in the field of computer vision. You can take a picture of an item, use that picture of whatever you take as the query.” – Vic Gundotra of Google

Wow. Just think of the possibilities with:

  • FACIAL IMAGE search…imagine being able to quickly identify everyone based on a quick snapshot…there goes anonymity
  • Imagine being able to identify someone‚Äôs face and quickly checking their background criminal records, their friend connections, their finances, and even health history.
  • Imagine being able to quickly identify someone’s PREFERENCES by seeing their TWITTER/FACEBOOK updates just by seeing their face!
  • ..alright this is huge!

On Business Models

The following are some success formulas:

Formula 1: “The Basic or Foundation”

  1. Reason Why
  2. Dream
  3. Research
  4. Create a game plan
  5. Perform a wide test
  6. Perform a specific test
  7. Get a clear wide vision
  8. Get a clear specific Vision
  9. Recruit the right team
  10. Roll-out
  11. Kaizen

Formula 2: Arbitrage Exploitation

  1. Find a business model
  2. Identify arbitrage
  3. Exploit arbitrage

Formula 3: Consolidation

  1. Find a good business model
  2. Consolidate models

Formula 4: Joint ventures

  1. Identify good business with complimentary skills
  2. Match good businesses

Formula 5: Trading/Bartering

  1. Trade desired items with less desirable item

Formula 6: Brokering

  1. Perform a service, or provide goods for a transaction/administration fee