Shop Saavy for the HTC/Google Phone = 6th Sense Version 1?

I discussed earlier on how a rapidly emerging “sixth sense technology revolution” is emerging, enabling consumers to have significantly more real-time, instantly actionable data on their world.  This is enabled by software that connects to open source and/or publicly available online data, delivered wirelessly.

Shop Saavy is a cool feature through the HTC Dream or HTC Magic is a fantastic practical example.

Looking for the best deal on any product with a bar code?  “Use the camera to scan any bar code and if ther is a better deal to be had, Shop Savvy will find it – online or in town”

I just bought an iphone 3GS. I was torn on the two phones for a while and decided to go with iPhone because it’s more proven and has more immediately high-utility apps (I just had a flashback to utility curves in Econ class…and my professor who seemed like an alcoholic, as theorized by a college friend). I know that the HTC will eventually kick iphone as in it’s entirety and I’m rooting for HTC/Google to do so because open source is the future.  Just look at facebook and it’s Friend Connect and OpenSocial integration…it has created a massive wave of sites that plugin to Facebook and further increase it’s total impressions.

If you’re like me…you want it all now yesterday.

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