Monthly Archives: June 2009

Shop Saavy for the HTC/Google Phone = 6th Sense Version 1?

I discussed earlier on how a rapidly emerging “sixth sense technology revolution” is emerging, enabling consumers to have significantly more real-time, instantly actionable data on their world.  This is enabled by software that connects to open source and/or publicly available online data, delivered wirelessly. Shop Saavy is a cool feature through the HTC Dream or… Read More »

Major Change in America’s Arbitrage over Asia?

I believe there’s a huge upcoming megatrend between world superpowers that’s receiving little attention/consideration.  Relatively inexpensive products and services from Asian countries will have a significantly reduced comparative advantage over North American/European products/services. Why? As the value of American/European currencies–plagued by massive debt obligations–diminish, Asian goods/services will be relatively more expensive.   In other words,… Read More »

The Great Global Warming Swindle

1) From June 4th, 2009: NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming 2) 31,000 scientists reject ‘global warming’ agenda “More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. – including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties – have signed a… Read More »