Monthly Archives: July 2008

One of the Biggest Obstacles to Massive Success

"Ready Fire Aim." You’ve probably heard the above phrase before. I have. I notice people doing slow and ineffective methods of achieving their dreams. You don’t have to do it the hard way or earn it, despite what, many people will tell you.  I think it’s the approval seeking behavior people have that limits them… Read More »

How Effective Are Social Media Submissions?

Here’s my take on submitting to websites like… Submitting to social media SUBMISSIONS is like gambling unless I’m mistaken. The results are not consistent.  Please provide more evidence that it’s worth the time or proven techniques to consistently get you traffic. Again, I’m open minded and would appreciate more evidence to “social media SUBMISSION… Read More »

Google’s New Affiliate Network (Performics)

Since Google acquired Performics, an affiliate network, I’ve read some opinions on how "this will change the game" of CPA networks quite significantly. In my humble opinion, they’re just building a better AdSense and they won’t compete super-directly with CPA networks. CJ doesn’t get advertisers who know what they’re doing as well as CPA networks like… Read More »